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Bright Futures Coaching is a group coaching company based in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, that operates both online and offline coaching programs.  These programs are designed to be reasonably short and affordable so that most people can get into the programs and see results quickly. Bright Futures Coaching empowers clients to create a clear vision for a brighter future and a unique, personalized plan to achieve it.  Founded in 2020 by certified life coach Don Stuike, he wanted to use his training as a professional coach to serve others who are not where they are in life.


Don received his certification as a coach with Align Network International based in Los Angeles, California, in 2018.  Prior to being trained as a personal development coach, Don was a student of the Excellence Series of personal development programs by Context Associates and The Answer to Everything by Higher Laws Inc.  Don is also a member of Toastmasters International as he is involved with the Derrick Toastmasters Club in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.

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